High Class Baby
Cliff Richard Lyrics

Well you can't be my lovin' baby, you ain't got the style
I'm gonna get some real gone love
That'll drive a cool cat wild
I'm gonna move, rollin' right on down

Gonna get me a gal that'll go out on the town
Well you move on down the line
I'm gonna get me a gal that'll make some time
She can't be square, she can't be slow
'Cause when we start struttin', gotta go-go-go
Well I'm gonna show you ain't so hot
I'm gonna get what you ain't got
She'll be sweet, won't do me wrong

She'll be cool and twice as gone
You gotta roll, move it right on down
Gonna get me a gal that'll go out on the town
Well you move on down the line

I'm gonna get me a gal that'll make some time
She can't be square, she can't be slow
'Cause when we start struttin', gotta go-go-go

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:


Thanks for the replies. Very interesting and credible. The text states that this performance is from 15th November 1958. Assume that this is the recording date as I believe it went out live.

Maybe of interest is the day before on the 14th November was the Cliff session that resulted in Livin' Lovin' Doll and Mean Streak. This was the first session that Hank was on lead. He has told the story (it was on a Radio 2 Guitar Greats or similar in the 1980s) that Norrie Paramor wasn't sure about the ability of Cliff's new guitarist and had booked Ernie Shear as per the previous ones. I think there was a suggestion that Hank played rhythm alongside Bruce. Hank relates that Cliff wasn't that keen and wanted Hank to play lead and suggested each guitarist had a go at the track- 'Livin' Lovin' Doll'. This is what happened and Hank said that Ernie essentially played the same as he did on Move It and High Class Baby whilst he (Hank) did something different that was more rock'n'roll. He says that Cliff preferred his version and Norrie agreed too and this was the last session for which a lead other than Hank was booked for. Hank also said that Cliff told him that he sang better on Hank's version too.

This was also Bruce' first session and Jet was on this session too having replaced Ian Samwell the previous month. (Info from Cliff, The Complete Chronicle, Read, Goodall and Lewry 1993).

A few days later 19th November was another Cliff session with the same personnel (Terry Smart was still on drums) which resulted in Never Mind (unissued version) and Steady with You.

Hank at this time would still be using an Antoria Japanese copy as the famous Strat did not arrive until March 1959 (possibly in time for the 9th March 1959 session for Never Mind and unissued early versions of Choppin' and Changin' and Dynamite although the newly discovered clip of the Drifters performing Feelin' Fine on Oh Boy! has Hank playing the Antoria with a suggested date of 28th March 1959).

According to 'A Pocket Guide to Shadow Music' (Malcolm Campbell 2006) the first appearance of the Strat was on the sessions that yielded Travellin' Light on 25th July 1959 along with another unissued version of Choppin' and Changin' and Dynamite. This would suggest that the following sessions Hank used either the Antoria or another guitar:
28th April 1959- Living Doll, No Turning Back, Mad About You and Chinchilla (Drifters.) (I have heard Hank also talk about on Living Doll he was suddenly able to bend notes with his new tremelo arm- which certainly wasn't fitted on the Antoria)

25th May 1959- Apron Strings (Cliff), Jet Black (Drifters) and Driftin' (Drifters)

Tony Meehan had taken over on drums in time for the Drifters' first solo session for Feelin' Fine and Don't be a Fool With Love on 9th January 1959. (The Complete Chronicle says Terry Smart was replaced in February which may have been a contractual date as Tony Meehan was definitely on the Feb 9th/10th 1959 live sessions for Cliff's first LP).

Apologies for the length and possible non-connection with the film but included in case of interest or for further discussion/ comment.

All comments from YouTube:

J Cee

This is really good! Seminal moment in British Rock n Roll. At the time it must have been REALLY something else!!

David Bell

It still is, in my book! How did this rock n roll classic escape my attention all these years! I only discovered it recently by collecting other Cliff recordings, and like Dynamite, it blew me away! No surprise it is by the late, great Ian Samwell, who penned Move It - Sir Cliff owes him a great debt of gratitude. A partnership made in musical heaven!🎤🎸🎶

Mark James

Probably one of the most exciting slices of British Rock and roll, the guitar break is bonkers and pretty sure Cliff played it safe for TV on this, one flourish away from bedlam!! Killer!!!


THE BEST ENGLISH ROCK A BILLY BAND EVER, some of these early tracks and demos were totally amazing considering all the other crap that was in the charts then, so under estimated ,,,,,,

tracy hodgkins

It's such a shame a lot of those early TV appearances were wiped, but it does make the ones we do get to see even more special.

Bryan Palmer

@sjWiz It was standard policy during that era to wipe tapes and re-use them (budgets,etc)for more info on this I suggest you. look up "BBC wiping policy " which is more informative

Peter Checksfield

Many were broadcast live, and not even taped.


Why were they wiped?!


THANK YOU for uploading this rare footage! Do you have more from this show? I love seeing such a young Cliff! He was so adorable back then. High Class Baby is actually one of my favourite songs, despite not charting as highly as he wanted. So thanks again :)

Hee Hee

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