Together We Will Live Forever
Clint Mansell Lyrics


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Steven Bailey

Waking up from a dream, allowing myself some solace
over what I was feeling, the slow burning anguish that seemed
to come from letting my guard down, a preview of what will come?
Stepping outside and getting hit by summer warmth, leaning
against the porch rails, listening to the birds sing their sunset songs,
watching the cattle just beyond the fence of my property, traffic
in the distance, taking it in…a flurry of fireflies, the hum of
an air conditioner , then a possible silence inside the dying of the Sun,
trees being trees, the dirt being dirt, the moments of time spun
thru years, the distance between people, the beautiful and the lost,
the smell of stale beer and sweat, a calming place of regret and betrayal.

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If the sense of love and heartbreak had a sound this would be it.

usernotfound 1359

someone i loved sent me this song. and i still love him no matter what.



Tomáš Vlček

Together,we would live forever.But without you,I am dead inside.My heart is empty,and has no reason to pump blood into my brain.My blood is cold and my smile is just a memory.Now I have a poker face stuck on my face.Grey glass is in front of my eyes and I can not get it away from there.I can nor cry nor laugh,because there is nobody to share it with.I am looking at the clouds,thinking,where did I go wrong? What was that mistake that I did not see? What was the decision that decided my fate? Was it my decision? Was it my fault? I do not know.I only feel the pain feel so cold...If I could let you go,I would,for I can not withstand the pain much longer,but your face is printed on my eyes, your sweet voice is playing in my ears,whenever I wake up,slowly going away.I am drifting,drifting on the shadows of the past.At times ,when I feel like this, I remember,that you are somewhere out there smiling and crying and living your life,like there was never "we".Like there was no past...And it was not. It was all just one beatiful dream that had to end,and I knew that.I knew that since the first time I looked into your beautiful eyes...I knew that,since i first realised,what was that feeling deep in my heart whenever I saw you.But I also know,that if I will not live again,I will lose the chance to feel that again.I will never forget about you,but I must go on as you did years ago...You do not need me.You never did.It will not matter if I leave, and if it will,it will take just a few moments of your life to forget.You know better than to remember someone you never loved and never will.So now I will try to smile again.To share my life with my friends.My family.And maybe,one day,my new love.I know I can not banish you from my dreams,but I will leave your life,for I know you do not need me in there.Goodbye again,my unreachable star...

I never sent her this message,because I already said my goodbyes.But it keeps making me want to write her.But I know that to leave was for the best.I am writing this here,because I need to send it somewhere and I know,that it will blend in and she will never find out about it...

Sam Hoffman

Send to "Museum of Broken Relationships"

Yasmine Khacef

It's beautiful... what you said

Dan Malak

Tomáš Vlček wow I feel the same she will always be my love after 3 months without her I still remember kissing her & looking into her beautiful blue eyes o my god still feels like drowning we were engaged & trying to get pregnant for months all of my dreams we’re gone just like that I just pray to god that she is happy please god take care of my love

ميمونه احسان محمد سعيد

I feel like I’m that girl but in his story I don’t want him to feel like that cause i care about him ..... never mind your comment made me cry i hope you’re alright somewhere out there.♥️☹️


Fuck that bitch man

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Soufiane saidi

"To see a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower Hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour."

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