Together We Will Live Forever
Clint Mansell Lyrics


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I once held the love of my life. I once laughed with the person that loved me more than herself. I once...

She was my drive in life. And although i strive to live. She remains in my every night thoughts.

I dream of her often. I love her thoroughly when I do. Tears stroll down my face everytime i think of her.

I still have tens of thousands of messages and call history. I still have thousands of voice messages...

I miss my love. I miss her warm soul. I miss her warmth.

Forever she will be where my chest is warm. But forever I wont be, where she is.

Not at the least. For 100 years.

Michelle ann halifax, I love you more than life loves existence. More than a child loves his friends. Until the day i hold you again. May you rest....

Steven Bailey

Waking up from a dream, allowing myself some solace
over what I was feeling, the slow burning anguish that seemed
to come from letting my guard down, a preview of what will come?
Stepping outside and getting hit by summer warmth, leaning
against the porch rails, listening to the birds sing their sunset songs,
watching the cattle just beyond the fence of my property, traffic
in the distance, taking it in…a flurry of fireflies, the hum of
an air conditioner , then a possible silence inside the dying of the Sun,
trees being trees, the dirt being dirt, the moments of time spun
thru years, the distance between people, the beautiful and the lost,
the smell of stale beer and sweat, a calming place of regret and betrayal.

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If the sense of love and heartbreak had a sound this would be it.


That's deep

Khaled Kokah

My mother has just passed away.. I feel devistated and broken.. Together we shall live forever mum.

Christmas Pudding

My deepest condolences to you 🙏

Soufiane saidi

"To see a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower Hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour."

Cláudio Sales

@Mohammad Altheeb keep going man, no matter what

Mohammad Altheeb

I have been watching this video for 5 years and I have been reading your comment since that day, it always makes me smile.

Life happened and for some reason, I lost my way and became someone strange, someone different.
Today I was reading a book and I read the same quote, it made me think of how I miss the person who read that comment 5 years ago.

Jesus Cruz

Soy de México me encanta esta melodía verdaderamente es hermosa dulce a mis oídos no se ustedes


-Hideo Kojima.......jk

Alex Pop

yea dowg!

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