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A Future for the Krogan
Clint Mansell & Sam Hulick Lyrics

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Uraz Oktay

Yes, they are all intended to be an experience but the thing is Mass Effect goes way beyond all the others delivering on that part. Nothing comes even close to make you develop feelings and attachments to their npc's. The scope of this situation in Mass Effect almost makes you think this is not a programmed game but instead you somehow playing with true a.i. Like if they are not just virtually programmed characters but instead they possess some sort of consciousness. I don't know if you've been through the trilogy with scenario dlc's included or not. But i promise you if you haven't, you will understand the incredible difference between this trilogy and all the other games, old or modern wise. It almost feels like a foreshadowing living in a virtual world in let's say 2040 or something. It manages that sensation with such a dialog system and world building alone. All i was thinking was that whilst playing; they can build virtual worlds, near matrix like in the future, and this game is the foreteller of what's to come in future. The difference is that much obvious for if you immerse yourself in fully to the game.

Not even one game series in existance did this for example; Literally every frigging little choice you made, actions you took was implemented to the second game, then it was implemented in the third game. It was truly one hundred percent a genuine experience for the player.

The game was asking you this question all the time in such a neutral manner the outcome would be only this;

Who are you?

There was no game. It was only you.

No game in the past or still ever came close to achieving this. It was not a normal video game medium, trust me.


Mass Effect.

1) Reach an Impossible Desicion forced on you by your own mistakes.

2) Spend the next hour on your bed thinking through said impossible choice telling yourself its just a game...

3) Cry because you cannot bear the thought of having to kill mordin/let Wrev run the Korgan or Kill the Quarians/Geth.

4) Realize mass effect was more that just a game to you...

Uraz Oktay

Come now, come here, and listen to this for me...

Let me tell you something...

Did you know?

I've saved a race from extinction, i gave them a second chance to thrive in life, with love, they were a noble race, yet they were divided and they were suffering, rage and despair they've felt.

I didn't judge them. I just listened... I've felt their pain inside me, cause this is who i'am.

And Wrex became one of my best friends, and he gathered the whole Krogan race against the reapers.

Love was the only thing in my motives, i didn't expect anything, yet they honored being understood and protected with unshakable loyalty and faith joining the effort of stopping the Reapers.

That was how i united the galaxy my friend.

Love for all sentient beings..

Love for all creation..

I still love you my Krogan buddy


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When you finish Mass Effect:

Did I beat the game or did the game beat me? ;_;

Sky Rim

Yeah no. It beat the shit out of me


You made some poor decisions if the game beat you. I came out a fucking Champion. Stand strong, Stand fast, Shepard immortal!

ChoSt ProKiller 777

Good song Minecraft mast efectov good song😀😀😍

Jennifer Luciana

Was i indoctrinated or no??? hmmm

Yarael Poof

Ivan Vassiljevitsch tbh after completing that game I was completely emotionally beaten ad didn't know what to do so I would say the game beat me


I couldn't possibly not cure the Krogan. Wrex and Grunt were the few characters that I knew I could get a straight answer out of. And who doesn't love an ally who can shoulder-drop a shuttle. 

Jacob Robinson

God I love Wrex. XD


sebool112 with only wreave... I wouldn't cure them

Chad Vulpes

Unless Wrex and Eve are dead and Wreav is the Krogan leader... then, I'd have my doubts...

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