End of Time
CocoRosie Lyrics

This is the end of time
Let's all hug and say goodbye
This is the end of time
We're all heavenward and weary

The babes the guns
The waist the punks
I don't need no human friends
The cars the wars the shopping malls
I can leave you all behind
And I will chase my brother's shadow
Leave my own hung in the closet
The stars that I can hardly see
I know you're looking down on me

And Jesus by the way dear lord
You always protected me
From father's harm his wicked laugh
It echoes through the canyon
The earth will spit us out one day
Like broken angels cast away
Lets just hug and say goodbye
We're all heavenwards and weary

But love will come into our hearts
On that final day where life
Meets us at the edge of time
This will not be televised
The televisions all have died
Filled with water cyanide
Angels winged ones will survive
We're all blind smoke in our eyes
So let's just hug and say goodbye
We're all heavenwards and weary

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Hristiyana Slavova


Phönix Traum


joel atzin

muy buena

Micaela El Fattal

love love!!!!!


1:40 Jesus by the windier light


Shouldn't the line be "The waste, the punks"?
"Waist" doesn't really make much sense in this context.

CocoRosie's tales

+StarfighterProx I've used the lyrics from their album and it's "the waist" there. Both versions - "the waist"/"the waste" appear online but I decided to stick to the one that is on their album.
There was a similar problem with the song "After the Afterlife", whether there should be: "pyre for fox guts/(or) false gods blazing mire". I don't know, maybe it was a deliberate decision to use the words in this way...

Irie Sunshine

out of curiosity, whats up with the Jesus part? .. a bit confused lol

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