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Heartache City
by CocoRosie

Hm, some news
Give me some news
I have to know
By wind or by winding road
I have to know

My brother sin of sin
Tin cup rain goes straight to the brain
Just like a bullet
You attacked and stuck
You know I love you like Diane cluck

My sweet thing now your dead
Disappeared to fog
Like the neighbors dog
I know you love me
And you meant no harm
So all is forgiven from the dusty farm

Give me some news
I have to know
By wind or by winding road
I have to know

Don't forget all the times
I nearly died
In your arms like a daisy
Hot on a farm
My torture was thus I took what I must
Had to have you had to know
Now polished and pressed
Dressed to impress you falling all around
I'm outside the door
On you garden's floor
Bareing bossom a blossom
Soul reeking awesome

My lover ravaged thing
Heartache city don't go there again
Flicker your fire
But don't get burned
You know I love you ash to the urn

My holy unpredictable
My fable teller
My starry stellar
You know I loved you from first eyes we met
And now I'm ready red hot and wet

Give me some news
I have to know
By wind or by winding road
I have to know


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Actually Tiny And Very Afraid

i've been listening to this on repeat and just drawing and drawing, it's wonderful..

e c

I'm drawing as I listen, too.


Yeah I too have been very uh productive while listening to this, so great to get stuff done..

Leonie Seegers

same here <3

Anna Zapart

tamara habka r
The Orc

tamara habka

was just searching for an album to hear while drawing. thak you for the opportunity to experience sincronicity in such lovely musical peace.

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Cyglo Pargen

So close on that tracklist, Der Analoge Kompromiss

01. Forget me not 0:04 - 5:34
02. Un Beso 5:34 - 9:54
03. Lost Girls 9:54 - 15:15
04. Heartache City 15:15 - 18:30
05. The Tower of Pisa 18:30 - 21:50
06. Bed Bugs 21:50 - 25:38
07. Tim and Tina 25:38 - 29:54
08. Big and Black 29:54 - 35:49
09. Lucky Clover 35:49 - 41:13
10. No one knows 41:13 - 44:43

Scarlet Peoni

Finding out they have new album out saved me today <3

Spaziva Vava

@Scarlet Peoni

Scarlet Peoni

@Orphée Green
 Stop getting into trouble!

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