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Me Be Me
Cognito Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Me Be Me' by these artists:

Jen Chapin Well you got the sugar And you got enough salt And you…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Cognito:

Big Bank [Hook: repeat 4X] We got big bank, big rank walkin through t…
Born 2 Be Fly Cause I was born 2 be fly (Tech N9ne): Strange music bab…
Depression I got issues only I can have That's why I…
I'm Goin' Crazy Now that i sing with strange music the industry about to…
Outcast When I think about the past of my life, and…
Pain How do you deal with the demons that seem to…
Pill Poppin' Music INTRO In my opinion, it's the music these days. These rap…
Stranger (Tech N9ne) I remember when they used to point they fingers…
Stranger (Ft. Tech N9ne Big Scoob Kutt Coulhoun Stevie Stone (Tech N9ne) I remember when they used to point they fingers…

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Comments from YouTube:

Jayoterik hip hop mc

this shit is amazing


personally i like outcast dat shit hit close ta home for me and keeps me on da grind


"think you got baby mama drama i got kids too" haha cognito is sick, very good addition to strange

Intwined Insight



sounds like eminems style

Jayoterik hip hop mc

@motioncity100 listen to his older stuff he sounds even more like eminem then , its kinda changed his style a bit darker

alex hamilton

lol yeah it sounds like the same style as eminem but shit man cognito kills it but thats what youd expect from an artist singed with the same record label as tech n9ne :P

Jayoterik hip hop mc

yah hes been signed i fink hes on webcam on ustream ppl askin him questions n stuff


@fuckyouimtall, forreal you didn't like Outcast,that is better than this in my opinion,he does sound like em on this one,lol....still aight though

Justin h

@DJRealHipHop yes =D

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