Pill Poppin' Music
Cognito Lyrics


In my opinion, it's the music these days. These rappers think they can
do and say whatever they want, especially when it comes to drug use.
These kids listen to every word they say and apply it to their daily
routines. Rappers like Brotha Lynch Hung and Cognito; talking about
oxycotin, vicodin, even adderal. These influences are ultimately
going to lead to the self-destruction of today's youths.

*can't open this mothafucka...*

Strange Music, like drugs into your veins music,
Cocaine, obtained, deranged, not for the sane music
Sustain the pain maintain poppin' them things music
I'm a walkin' acid trip, the drug stains in my brain proves it
Still, I feel EXtra extraordinary and EXtra in-ordinary
Broke up with my EX so now I got one EXtra whore to bury
Actually, she overdosed on EX right after EXcercising
EXcellent, I got some EXtra chicks
Let's see who's nEXt in line

Ten NORCOS in a pill crusher mix it with bombing fluid,
That's how Cog would do, rewind it back so you can try too
I got some other methods you can break 'em up and try in food
Cognito, who you tryin' to fool?
You frontin', what tryin' to prove?

See these parents, see these rappers' images
the bitches' drugs and fringe benefits
AND wonder where they kids spending their dividends,
Leaving out the house late, spending money on clown paint,
hate to argue with you motherfuckers, but that sounds great

Fresh out the backpack, let me go and crack that (x8)

See it's one bottle to comatose, two bottles to overdose
third bottle to scare ya, in the hospital with liver failure
Had a ball with Adderal, par meclizine we mixed with coffee
some might call it syrup, some say liquid Oxy

Some don't know they limits, they start with valium and vicodins
downers to uppers, then they graduate to poppin' ex
breakfast, lunch and then supper
Disconnect your spinal cord, keep eatin' em til you can't find no more
You done tried everything prescription, wanna try some more?

You Started poppin' after school 'cause you was kinda bored
And after that your friends persuaded you to do a line or more
You like feelin' outside the norm, you likin' different kinds of porn
and all you hear is music blastin' outside your college dorms *DUDE*

An oxy and an Ambien and you in candyland
put your ass to sleep faster than Zany can
I'm the candy man, I got a PEZ dispenser spittin' out rittalin
After 10 of them, feel like I'm a kid again, everybody say!


Yeah, I got a cocaine spit leaving with no name shit
believe it, I know they spit pills at age 17

They call me Mr. Codine Morphine
I got a bitch named oxycotin, too much of that shit will
leave your body rottin'
She wanted the whole bag I gave her all of it
she said she wanted the dick, so she swallowed it

She tried to say I raped her right in the back of the scraper
I didn't have to make her, it was a darvocet

So I'm throwin' up the set, putting the penis down her neck
Slappin, did it and did it, you could forget it, I live it
You grab ?minute? you bit, I grab ?minute? I slit it
Put the body in the river, pussy meat delivered

When she eat the liver, you shouldn't of been pill poppin'
I'm on the stage, and you in the crowd still rockin'
Christmas time, put lithium in your stocking
They said he had a mask on, but I was not him
it was


Contributed by Brandon Huntley, Mar 05 2011

Contributed by Owen R. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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