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Spoiled Milk
Cognito Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Cognito:

Big Bank [Hook: repeat 4X] We got big bank, big rank walkin through t…
Born 2 Be Fly Cause I was born 2 be fly (Tech N9ne): Strange music bab…
Depression I got issues only I can have That's why I…
I'm Goin' Crazy Now that i sing with strange music the industry about to…
Outcast When I think about the past of my life, and…
Pain How do you deal with the demons that seem to…
Pill Poppin' Music INTRO In my opinion, it's the music these days. These rap…
Stranger (Tech N9ne) I remember when they used to point they fingers…
Stranger (Ft. Tech N9ne Big Scoob Kutt Coulhoun Stevie Stone (Tech N9ne) I remember when they used to point they fingers…

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Comments from YouTube:


he has demons in him that help him write ryhmes ?
this is what eminem would be like if was a mono tone juggulo

Jake K.

eminem stole his "shockng style" from Acid rap originator Esham lol.

Monotone Juggalo rappers = twiztid

Clay Stafne

He sounds like eminem when I first herd him thats who I thought it sounded like


so then cognito is out of strange music?

Micah Foster

Track produced by my dude Nardo Young! This is funny, I was gonna get this production but got to it too late and Cog got it before me. Bastard! Lol j/p Cog did his thing on it though. Dopeness


Sharp Films did their thing with this one! The man behind the magic.


eminem with a raspy voice. no more originality in hip hop


Damn, I love is voice! I'm sold! When's This CD COMING OUT!!

Nick Pursley

this isnt on spotify anymore D:

adam debling

Mayday is so fucking dope man. One of the best groups out there. All of them are killing it bro.

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