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Twisted Love
Cognito Lyrics

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ATB (Feat. Cristina Soto) I will find mistakes In the lines of your face When you…
Seedless love is just a mystery the people of the world agree i've…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Cognito:

Big Bank [Hook: repeat 4X] We got big bank, big rank walkin through t…
Born 2 Be Fly Cause I was born 2 be fly (Tech N9ne): Strange music bab…
Depression I got issues only I can have That's why I…
I'm Goin' Crazy Now that i sing with strange music the industry about to…
Outcast When I think about the past of my life, and…
Pain How do you deal with the demons that seem to…
Pill Poppin' Music INTRO In my opinion, it's the music these days. These rap…
Stranger (Tech N9ne) I remember when they used to point they fingers…
Stranger (Ft. Tech N9ne Big Scoob Kutt Coulhoun Stevie Stone (Tech N9ne) I remember when they used to point they fingers…

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Comments from YouTube:


The chorus does remind me a bit of Love You More, but who cares? It's a decent song regardless.

Kayde Williams

a friend of mine just said that!!


i thought that too but than i started to feel like it comes from something much older than either maybe an old melody to a nursery rhyme or something

Kendall Lafferty

I been looking for this song for years!

Jessie Evans

That song that makes you think of that girl.. Damn


I dont think he was copying eminem by any means, some times certain songs are just gonna have a similar vibe, but as someone else said....and I noticed this before I read their comment....once the chorus came on I was strongly reminded of love you more by eminem. Wierd.


or perhaps they both took the melody from an old nursery rhyme ???

σσf Fml




Yeah, it does. This song is Cognito's best in my opinion.

Joshua Dulaney

I remember the first time I heard this guy. Rap and I thought instantly this is art.

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