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Cognito Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Cognito:

Big Bank [Hook: repeat 4X] We got big bank, big rank walkin through t…
Born 2 Be Fly Cause I was born 2 be fly (Tech N9ne): Strange music bab…
Depression I got issues only I can have That's why I…
I'm Goin' Crazy Now that i sing with strange music the industry about to…
Outcast When I think about the past of my life, and…
Pain How do you deal with the demons that seem to…
Pill Poppin' Music INTRO In my opinion, it's the music these days. These rap…
Stranger (Tech N9ne) I remember when they used to point they fingers…
Stranger (Ft. Tech N9ne Big Scoob Kutt Coulhoun Stevie Stone (Tech N9ne) I remember when they used to point they fingers…

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Puja Ece

@codeguru i get this error while doing amplify init
C02ZM0TFLVCG:Research_Data C300738$ amplify init
Note: It is recommended to run this command from the root of your app directory
? Enter a name for the project xyz
? Enter a name for the environment dev
? Choose your default editor: Visual Studio Code
? Choose the type of app that you're building javascript
Please tell us about your project
? What javascript framework are you using vue
? Source Directory Path: src
? Distribution Directory Path: dist
? Build Command: npm run-script build
? Start Command: npm run-script serve
Using default provider awscloudformation

For more information on AWS Profiles, see:

? Do you want to use an AWS profile? Yes
? Please choose the profile you want to use default
init failed
Error: read ECONNRESET
at TLSWrap.onStreamRead (internal/stream_base_commons.js:205:27) {
message: 'read ECONNRESET',
errno: 'ECONNRESET',
code: 'NetworkingError',
syscall: 'read',
region: 'us-east-1',
hostname: '',
retryable: true,
time: 2020-04-16T18:32:01.171Z

All comments from YouTube:

Joe Bennett

Great video series.

Eugene Thompson

Great video! Updates: "v-main" instead of "v-content" and look up Hub.listen with new event names and data structure. Software changes, no biggie! Really learned a lot from this series. Thanks!

Juan Rousselot

Thank you so much.

William Brutzman

Super video... very helpful... easy to follow.

Kristoffer Haukaas Berg

Great stuff :) Thanks. I'm also looking for a good way to extend this with social sign in. Would you consider making a video on that as well? Or if anyone have seen a tutorial on that (implemented with the use of AWS amplify + VUEjs) ?


We will try to do it very soon

Huberto M

this one will be very helpful. looking forward on this tutorial using social sign in such as facebook and google

Kristoffer Haukaas Berg

@codeguru awesome!:)


sure. I will try to make one on this topic in upcoming tutorials.

Huberto M

Have you tried SSO using facebook and google?

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