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Among the Sef
Colin Stetson Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Colin Stetson:

A Dream of Water There were those, who didn’t run, there were those, who coul…

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Dude Man19

Oh, no, not old gods
The Very Very Current Gods
Just one, in fact
They say his son is Jesus
but that is a lie
all His children are a voice belonging to Him
A mind for him to farm, prune, harvest
Reaping the painful fruits that we grow
on our outstretched limbs
for Him.

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It's almost like he knew he would be a horror musician.

Domingos Junior

@joethetimelord Metal is pulp horror

avant guard is cosmic horror


Funny spinny man checking in

elonda nebelung

@joethetimelord I love metal but nothing takes me out of the atmosphere more than heavy metal out of nowhere during a tense scene in a horror movie.


@joethetimelord as someone who listens to metal, I don't think it'd be any good for horror. Action? Probably. But not horror, since that's not the feeling it usually tries to give off.

Travis chaffin


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So according to an interview with Stetson, this song is actually about a lonely whale song that no-one can hear, which is fitting, since you'd need the lungs of a whale to play this.


@LOGAN LIMERICK I prefer the term "Cycle Breathing" as that's what it really is.


mfw circular breathing

Eridium Cluster

Like the 52 Hz whale!

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