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And In Truth
Colin Stetson Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Colin Stetson:

A Dream of Water There were those, who didn’t run, there were those, who coul…

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Dude Man19

In All the Mess He's Made, We have Fallen
But now, I Choose to Stand against My God
For He has Bled upon My People, and Burned them
And Gave His Rules upon Them, for Them to Break.
And now Our Savior has been Consumed.
I Stand to Fight. And In Truth, I am Afraid
But my Heart has Chosen
Chosen to Beat out a New Song,
Apart from His Venom, His Teachings
I Raise my Sword to You, my God,
And Ask of You Your Reasons for Religion
And In Truth, I Fear Your Answers, Your Cruelties
But All my People stand About Me
And Raise my Sword My Arm with Their Will,
Together as a Kingdom not Under a Lying, Spiteful Lord
But a True Queen
They Have Chosen what You have Not Chosen,
In Love and in Justice,
And In Truth.

And In This You should Truly be Afraid

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Sam Ham

It's absolutely terrifying to hear vocals in Colin's music

- tdjramsey -

This is one of the most beautiful pieces of music I've ever heard. Stetson and Vernon are on a entirely different level of artistry when they work together man.

Sean Castro Melendez

How has nobody figured out the lyrics to this amazing song?!?!

Ladyheroin .v4

@Armond Sevillano Hey do you know the lyrics for "Who The Waves Are Roaring For"?

Sean Castro Melendez

Armond Sevillano YES! THANK YOU 🙏

Armond Sevillano

Sean Castro Melendez I follow Colin Stetson on Instagram and he posted the lyrics in the comments of one of his posts. They’re from the man himself lol

Sean Castro Melendez

Armond Sevillano Dang that just might be it! Or do you know for a fact that’s it??

Armond Sevillano

Soft ripples foraying
For long ages now
Ice the high mind
The cup with my firm and ready hands
It’s no longer a selection
It must be us
The collection
Is trust!

Jonathan Hughes

Utterly beautiful

Hongo Haruhisa

Justin Vernon And In Truth


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