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The Rest Of Us
Colin Stetson & Sarah Neufeld Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'The Rest Of Us' by these artists:

Simple Plan I'm okay, I'm okay Kinda being awkward socially With the fac…
Simple Plan(심플 플랜) I'm okay, I'm okay Kinda being awkward socially With the fac…
The Lost Trailers There are those who wake up every morning Pull the curtains…
Tyler Nugent It takes me back To the start of us When your ears…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Colin Stetson:

A Dream of Water There were those, who didn’t run, there were those, who coul…

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Comments from YouTube:


Thank you WatchMojo this is amazing :o

Apothe Curio

Birdup4life as bad as watch mojo can be. Their video on strange music is really good. they go a lot deeper than I expected them too


also came from the WM list, and this is probably the best sample from that.


Same, Finally watchmojo is good for someThing Else than time killing <3

Le Pooper Man

yeah, it is amazing :D

Jansher Singh

Lol just watched that too 10 and searched for this

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Humans are really cool sometimes.

Tea Daniel

an opossum sometimes 🙂


It's extremely disturbing and off-putting, but I like it. It's like the chill you get when someone runs their hand, just barely touching, along your back.

Jimena María Rosales Salinas

I love the way you just expressed it, it's just so specific and the music video takes this feeling to extremes

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