Collide Lyrics

Black is the entrance
The essence to which I confide my mystery
Into the escape within evil is the villain
With a gun that kills just for fun

I feel it all come down in pieces
Hold me tight
It's cold outside
I feel it all come down in pieces
Hold me tight
It's cold outside

Black is the beauty so sleek
The mystery the rain that falls upon me

Deep is the color of your skin
Black is the void I fall in
Into the velvet sea

Black is an empty space
The place in which I desire
To hide within

Dark is a thing to fear where nothing's revealed
The depth below I'm falling



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Comments from YouTube:

Gábor Angeli

I wonder what the process feels like, what one must feel to create something like this and to listen it over and over again to perfect it - if there is any "perfection" to reach. Which is more painful - the making process, the previous causes and experiences with life that inspired the creator to create or the agony that these kind of albums deal to the listener?


This instills great terror of being sucked into a black hole. And going to the dentist. I'm hooked.


One of my favorites. Also like how the artwork dances to the music.


absolutely mind blowing, dark, cosmic flow

Carlos Nazaré

this project is just so great


Awesome and beautiful dark music. I listened to it and am one with the cosmos now.

L'Âme Animale

Oh putain ! 😍

Dave Lanciani

I want to know more about the artist who does this - he (or she??) is the same person who also does, Arkhtinn, Mahr, Hwwauoch, and Pharmakeia. Who is this person, where are they located? Not "stalking" them, but I think as fans we just want to know more about the artist and their creative process, especially when a lot of us are probably also musicians, and want to know HOW DO THEY DO THIS!

JJJ 666

Turn of the lights, play this loud and let The VOID come to you....................


The shadows convulse in the void, watching the beginning and the end of the aeons

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