Moving Forward
Colony House Lyrics

I found life and I found laughter.
In forgiveness, I found rest.
On the shoulders of redemption,
I found hope when hope was dead.
I could lose it in a moment,
So I dare not close my eyes.
I'll watch fear fall with the sunset
And see hope rise with the tide.
And when the pain is true,
Sometimes these troubles prove that I'm alive.

My eyes are open,
My heart is beating,
My lungs are full,
And my body's breathing.
I'm moving forward.
I found my freedom.
I found the life that gave me reason to live.

As this dusty road now settles
And I see what lay before,
Every tear that held a broken dream
Is now shattered on the floor.
And now bursting forth in splendor
Are the blossoms of second tries
Because dreams that bear the mark of love
Are dreams that never die.

Life can feel so unkind.
Sorrow won't define me
So just reminds my soul.
My soul

My eyes are open,
My heart is beating,
My lungs are full,
And my body's breathing.
I'm moving forward.
I found my freedom.
I know this sorrow.
I know the heartache.
I know with fear comes a tragic heartbreak.
Well I'm moving forward.
I found my freedom.
I found the life that gave the reason to love.

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"And when the pain is true, sometimes these troubles prove that I'm alive"

Dawson Gilbert

Backstory of the song: Colony House is a band containing the sons of CCM legend Steven Curtis Chapman. Steven and his wife had adopted two children a little younger than their biological boys, and so they all grew up together. Fast forward a couple of years, and one of the boys (the drummer of the band) was old enough to drive. One day a freak accident happened in their driveway and he accidentally ran over and killed the youngest adopted daughter. It was a tragedy for their family, and he was plagued with guilt and self-anger for years. This song is about how God gave him redemption from this and lifted the guilt off of him.

Dawson Gilbert

milasf18 thank you for the correction! I found that out more recently and had forgotten my erroneous comment here


It wasn’t the singer, but his brother, the drummer

Fer Campos

Dawson Gilbert Oh I knew it! I did not know this band, this song appeared in suggestions on my Spotify, I paid attention to its lyrics and immediately felt that they were talking about Jesus. Thanks for the info!!

Emma r

Love this song!!! So powerful and motivating. Surprised this band is not popular

Emma r

@Andrew Finch  Yes they are def. rising in popularity. I looked them up on youtube and they don't seem to have much views on videos such as their music videos. But I have seen quite a bit of people have downloaded their album from itunes or bought their album. I don't listen to much Indie music, more R&B so I am not sure what is popular among Indie circles and groups. But I like all types and music and this band is one of my favorites!

Andrew Finch

+Emma Hansen It depends on how you define popular. They are definitely rising in popularity and are pretty well known in Indie circles. They have also been touring with some pretty big names this year. This is one of my favorites on the album because of the lyrics.


Just saw these guys open for Mutemath and I was captivated. Possibly the best opening act I've ever seen. They could have been the main event, they were so good. Really confident and capable performers. They had the whole audience into it, even though most of them didn't know the songs. I'm a fan now.

Micah Morgan

Saw them open for Switchfoot the other day. Same reaction, they were amazing even not knowing all of their songs.

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