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by Com Voce

Ain't worried 'bout coming up next My only concern is a check We made the work move out in Texas Been doing my thing like a {???} Ya'll can just stop with the questions Been smoking this weed cause I'm stressing You know I'm giving ya'll the wave ain't slept at all in days I'm the best at doing what I do Finish one and bust another move Take your shorty out to where I hang I ain't even tryna front on you she act right she meet the gang She know she don't fit in all the planes Send her home back to her mans Weed smoke still on her hands
In my jacket bout a half a band
Had to represent like the captain
Y'all be worried bout the bitches boy
But you stack em up while you stack the bread
I ain't never had a lack of strands
Been down I ain't going back again
I remember breaking work of
No bitches just me and mans
Had to hustle times was really hard
You won't make it if your lackin' heart
To my dawgs up there that duckin' {???}
Keep it G homie play it smart
Shit get crazy man I know it hurt
Situations left my brother scarred
Backpack full of work hoping we can makeit home from the boulevardBalling like I got a raise
Cause we out here making plays
Bitch so bad she need a cage
Drink so dirty need a maid
See me shining like a lamp
Only right you throwing shade
So fuck them niggas anyways
Probably fucked they bitches anyway
Talked to my OG yesterday
Told me the real ones will remain
Don't even trip just do your thang
Empty bottles of that hennesy
Tryna stay low like a centipede
All of my niggas got felonies
I use the music as remediesAnd I'm dodging the devil
Big business, small
It don't matter any level man
I'm giving you my all
Like I'm trying to win a medal
Foot on the pedal
Now I'm dodging the devil
It don't matter any level man
I'm giving you my all like i'm tryna win a medal

Writer(s): Antonio Carlos Jobim

Contributed by William F. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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