Das Der Bunker
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Das Der Bunker
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Comments from YouTube:


MAN! For months there was only the one video of this song and it was terrible sound quality. I LOVE YOU FOR THIS!

James J James

I like this video. Keep up the good work.

Ashley Combre

Love the beats!


This track was only released on a very rare compilation and its very hard to get.


Where can you get it or find it?


hey man where i can find the download of this music? :(

Patrick Correia

Great Song!!! Das DEr Bunker!


Great song, but did the video have to be made to induce epilieptic seizures in anyone watching it? Shame, it might have been a cool video otherwise.


Chemical Warfare Bitchesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss


@Avatar370 no need to watch it dude!.just listen to the cool music