History of Madness
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Attention [x5]

Attention [x2]

Overall Meaning

It's difficult to dissect the meaning behind the sparse lyrics of "History of Madness," but it's possible to take a stab at interpreting its opening lines. The repeated use of "attention" seems to signify a sense of urgency and a desire for the listener to focus on what's to come. It's a call to action, a command to pay close heed to what's about to be revealed. The repetition of the word is also reminiscent of a drill sergeant barking commands, adding to the militaristic, authoritarian feel of the song.

It's possible that the opening lines are meant to evoke a sense of foreboding, as if something terrible or overwhelming is about to happen. The urgency and militaristic tone could suggest an impending battle or conflict, and the listener is being asked to brace themselves for the coming onslaught. Alternatively, the repeated use of "attention" could be interpreted as a warning of sorts, a way of alerting the listener to a danger or threat that they need to be aware of.

Line by Line Meaning

Attention [x5]
There is a need for alertness and focus, as something significant is about to be communicated or done.

The need for alertness is being emphasized, possibly because the message that will be communicated is critical in nature.

I am the virus, are you the cure?
I am infectious and harmful in nature; are you capable of stopping the damage I cause or healing the harm I've caused?

Or are you the poison? This is for sure
Instead of being the cure, what if you are harmful like me, causing a dangerous situation?

You are the parasite, are you the host?
Just like a parasite can depend on a host, are you solely present to feed on others, or do you have something that you give back?

Or are we just doomed? It's what I love the most.
Perhaps there is no way out of this damaging cycle, and that is secretly what I desire the most - not to be saved, but to keep going on like this.

I am the chaos and the order
I encompass everything that is chaotic and unmanageable, as well as everything that is structured and organized.

The one and the none
I exist in paradox as both the one (singular and unique) and none (not a tangible being).

I am the sin and the savior
I contain both good and evil, have the potential to cause harm or save others.

The lost and the found
I am capable of both losing important things and finding what was once thought to be lost.

I am the king and the pawn
I am both the highest authority and the lowest rank, depending on the role I have in a particular scenario.

The rag and the bone
I am the very epitome of both insignificance and degradation, as well as being a valuable resource.

I am the living and the dead
I encompass all stages of the living process, from life to death.

The drunk and alone
I am capable of both mindlessly drinking my sorrows away and being completely singular in my experience.

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