Kiss The Blade
Combichrist Lyrics

A glint of steel
in the night
darknesswill arise.

Behind a mask
a godless child
a force that never dies.

An endless hunt
on the fields of blood
I'm here to slaughter my pray.

I smell your fear
and it smells so sweet
you will never get away

I am pain
I am death

Kiss the blade
feel the steel

Contributed by Camden H. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


Such a sweet song!

Charly Power

Exitánte !

Victor Manuel Herrera

Esta Pérronzota !!!!!!ahuevo CombiChrist rifa y es el mejor grupo ke existe !!!!!


this song is fuckin awesome!!!!

james dante crow

^_^ amazing song

Siragri Phoenix

Whaau, ich liebe Combichrist! Und das hört sich an, wie die Melodie von der Filmreihe "Halloween". o.o ^^


Does anyone know where I can get this song?

chris e

Heard in a customers car. I know fucks wit it

Vhytl SVa

screamers at wonderland here we come with this group lol


great fucking song and Vanizorc the only place you can get this song now is by downloading it. It was a limited addition album. O_o

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