Combichrist Lyrics

"Nothing really matters anymore,
I don't love you, and I hate you,
You just, nothing,
I'll take the freedom of pissing on your grave though,
You owe me that much,
Just fuck off"

To the life composer, you're just a product

Contributed by Nora B. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Marília Küster

We miss you Sairgee

drago drago

Does he say "to the life composer" or "you are a life composer"

Juan Carlos

What a song (0_0)

ArcticNinja 88

I want to go zombie hunting now.

Sylvain Logician

pôle emploi ! formation ! employeurs !

Bryan Carl

Anyone name any electro-industrial / aggro-tech bands with female lead singers?


Youth Code 10/10


Android Lust, Utter Null, Somzin, Die Form

Daniel DiPietro


Tommy Hicks

Bryan Carl Kmfdm is a guy and a chick.

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