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Combo Audio Lyrics

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Romanticide It wasn't like movies In movies they work it out…

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Comments from YouTube:

Floor Jansen

The show was really great. The view, the crowd…it was so amazing, looking out at 71,000 people. What an absolute blast to see this released!

Ma. Vl.

Genial, I <3

D Gower

I have to say that this is the first time I hear your voice and I’m fall in love of your voice performance you are A Goddess Diosa divina voz de sirena que encanta mis sentidos

Aron Johnson

Was this the best show for Nightwish in your opinion?

Steve Broughton

Basement......most singers.

Top floor........Floor !.

2021 anyone ?.

Love you Valkarie xxx

Emo Nerd


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Samuel Milliken

Can we just take time to appreciate the fact that Jukka has drummed for years with uncontrolled insomnia meaning he hardly sleeps at all. Not just not at night time. The guy must have had some damn strong determination to get on stage and drum for an hour and a half like this.

Anita Hansen

@Sandra Nelson i know im super late, but try going to the channel "post10" , it's difficult to explain but everyone reports it's weirdly centring and calming. (He's a guy that likes to keep water flowing and does a shit ton of clearing culverts and draines to keep roads from flooding and so on, but man is it fucking calming (both the movement of the water and the sound of it moving or rushing), as i said it's difficult to explain without it minimising how it feels.. but give it a try, sounds like you've tried different auditory relaxation things already so i guess it's not to far off🥰💁‍♀️

Sandra Nelson

@darkiee69 The ASMR vids are a kind of white noise, as they provide a calm, reassuring voice talking about ordinary things. There are also podcasts available on YT on different subjects. Another good thing to use is CBC radio. It's mostly talk radio, different kinds f new reports and human interest stories.

Marsh Mello

Jukka’s love for drumming was stronger than his uncontrolled insomnia

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