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Combo Audio Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Combo Audio:

Romanticide It wasn't like movies In movies they work it out…

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Comments from YouTube:

Fajar Ramadhan

The visual is giving me way more anxiety than the Shepard tones lol

Juan D'Marco


Bright Eyes

Was going to say the same, ughhh

Despotic Waffle

Am I the only one who watches fractal videos willingly. I love these types of visuals.


@Darkus in this case is a fucktal 🤣


Mandelbrot set

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"The Shepherd Tones can drive you insane."
Folks with Tinnitus: Oh, my sweet summer child.

edd the internet surfer

i thought everyone had the same thing so id talk to other people about the eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee noise but they were all so confused

Pál Krammer

@TRON Happened to me, too, 20 years ago. It was very annoying at first - I was afraid it was going to get worse and loud. But, it didn’t. For the most part, sometimes I go for months without even realizing it’s there - you really do get used to it. It doesn’t affect my ability to hear other sounds, even quiet ones (I’ve had hearing exams by audiologists). Occasionally it will get loud and noticeable for a short while - usually less than a day, - but then subsides. I think blood sugar levels and/or blood pressure may affect tinnitus perception somehow.


A month ago I was laying awake in bed.
Suddenly, a tone faded into my hearing and hasn't left since then.
I hate it.

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