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by Comes With the Fall

I swore I ws right.
Turns out I'm all wrong.
And I'll always be wrong.
I'm like a hologram.
Staring the light.
Watching angels hit the ground.
I swear they didn't make a sound.
And I heard the choir sing.
This life makes us so afraid.
Seems like such an unfair trade.
Heaven just outside our door.
Left here, still don't know what for.
So say goodbye.
Kiss the sky.
Through the needle's eye.
Standing on the hill.
And my head is spinning.
I'm at a loss for winning.
And it's still not enough.
When you have no more need to hide.
(what cha wanna, do what cha wanna).
Taking that rollercoaster ride.
Can't you feel me right here by your side?
Together we'll swim against the tide

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