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Common Market Lyrics

…Yeah I see you got your "Game" face on
But deep down I know you wish they wasn't playin' that
Low-postin' – got you goin' through the motions
Full of gall, fumblin' the ball to where the players' at
Junior varsity's no match for the bigs, son
Champion a cause – stop stressin' that division
Titles are petty and already you display
Traits of greatness – take this vote of confidence
As a catalyst for armament
The strongest men win packin' the consciousness
Of self-worth – developin' personally to see the
Purpose is more than letters on a shirt
Silk-screened revolutionaries will come and go
Esteemed visionaries most'll never know by name
Some came just to walk through
But if you wanna be a Tupac, too – son I got you…

Step to the side when they…
Push from behind
It's a long road to travel – take time to look around
Some avoid the water and still manage to drown
Somethin' tells me…
There's a reason to believe in these kids
I feel a leader's here in our midst
Don't be afraid to raise your fist – like this…

But you're all about the 'real talk'
So verbose, what's exposed when you peel the bark back?
Hard is the shell for the skeleton
When the mind roams it grinds bones into gelatin
So my weapon of choice is the power to choose
Use it like a knife slice strife in two
Standin' over – sew the strands to the coat of many colors
Man you gon' need it with this band of brothers
What'd they teach you 'bout the discipline?
What'd they teach you 'bout livin' in
An era where the sentiment is rarer than a cent up in the tenement
Did they mention that or weren't you listenin'?
It's time you form your own opinion on life
And when you're finished I'mma lend you the mic
Supply the insight, shed light, shine bright – that's real talk, dukes
And when you wanna rock – I got you…

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