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Krazy Kings
by Company Flow

[Bigg Jus]

I swing boomerangs and murder air attacks

Blow out busted internet access info out your back

Clip cut you off I'm too advanced for your little cause

Pole position my verbal contact no life support

We'll maintain position lift off to ignition

Frequency feedback provide ammunition

The brain cells panic sell two tons of the IQ

When the energy starts to fornicate that's when I punch through

All type hard rock tracks that's hard to the max

It's spacey like mixing up angel dust and crack

Yo wait a God damned pagan minute, then pause on that

My styles the man like the Ku Klux Klan be from deep down south

Don't let one of these little emcees get lost on the wrong route

Catch a Mississippi Burning fuck that then catch an arson

Land mines, destruction, Far Rockaway to Carson

You couldn't locate my synthy format using LoJack

Bitch I'm all that

Scratch the bed numbers straight off your girls' back

In fact black the injection of my lethal status

Will ultimately break all beats down into antimatter

You couldn't hang if you was bit by a radioactive spider

I'm intrigued, your lackluster broken charted style

Is unkempt and wild causing mayhem

The battle rhymer mixed with tonic and El-P is fucking lethal

Like a African disease killer people

And it's true I'm messing with your whole crew till you're bogling

Cause your style is now off with a blast of the force

It's the classic underground styles of the urban masters

The Krazy Kings these thinking caps be sparking tags quick x4

It's been rated combustible

Computer animated T2

Winds up enzyme fractal poly-residue

When taking away what little time that I got

The mind view in energy oxen I pick the combination spot

When in 1985 they injected me with props

Ten years of misdirected blacks killing, I'm back on the block

Recuperating from the never-ending bloodshed of the war

Though my pockets remain empty, my soul remains pure

Retained it exists laid a whole education

For the new rebirth of a super space station

Practicing the science of shooting the planets from a distance

While escaping without conscience of existence

Or would be laws no matter how much I resistance

From somewhere wicked in the West this way comes

It seems that we underestimated Satan once again

Time marches on but some and then some blends

Into the recess of all starving no content

All for the form of better communication

I bet you wish you could eliminate the whole lower class population

I be the fund raiser for my own expedition

A pro-black family mind reconditioning

For the multi-colored Pumas are no longer the flavor

Unless you're one of those techno transient jungle ravers

It's the classic underground styles of the urban masters

The Krazy Kings be thinking caps and sparking tags quick x4

I strike a match for you two dollar MC's that can't burn

This is for your own concern

I burn images in retinas for all you bitches faking

You couldn't download my multi-disk without penetrating

Complex quotes set to explode off of impact

But it sees to that disco boogie mayhem dance track

Lookie bitch at poetry that's on track like a bookie

More heads be jocking my shit than a droptop at dookie

Peep this, put together the form into pieces

That form the eight steps for your mind increases

Another ass whipping slashing my burn to pieces

It's mad bogus, I'm fading in and out of focus

Cock shoot cops tax me, I'm taxing you

My gunshots scream nerve wracking, heads is pushing through

Intensity, I booby-trap all known vicinities

Leave you stinking like face guts in a dumpster in Little Italy

It's the classic underground styles of the urban masters

The Krazy Kings be thinking caps and sparking tags quick x8


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