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Ancient Robots
by Conspiracy Of Owls

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A Silver Song Wake up! Wake up! I wanna lift you up I wanna dress…
Puzzle People Time spend ... on the lost In the nation, got to…
Raving Mad Upside down Downside up Lost in the place I can't explai…

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Comments from YouTube:


I can't stop listening to this song! Keeps getting better - thanks for the tip, David. Awesome, lovable track. Conspiracy of Owls - PLEASE MAKE MORE MUSIC!

david headon

THIS song should be spilling out of FM radios and car windows ALL OVER THE WORLD !


7 years later. Welcome back

david headon

The version on the completed album seems to have a couple more layers of rhythm guitar and more reverb... A masterpiece - THE BEST PSYCHEDELIC ALBUM OF THIS OR ANY OTHER MILLENIUM ! ! ! ! !

King Vidiot

A sunny afternoon, a Mark Eric album & a long conversion with Mary Jane. Am I right? Come on now you know I'm right.

sunny witch

This is the perfect video for this song.

Seth Larson

@2:50 how is the drummer making ride cymbal sounds with his hi-hat?

Kareem Brooks

this song is amazing


sooooooooooo good.


The phrase "irony is a dead scene" springs to mind.

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