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I felt the heart of a dieing man just the other day and
I knew I had to get it together, I had to get it done
I took a walk, I took a bath, I tried to wash my hands of this
But it was something in my skin
It's the genes that I live in every day

If you don't know, soon you will know
It only matters who you know
If you don't know, soon you will know
It only matters who you know

I felt the wind, I captured sin, I saw the echoes in the night
Is it something that I've missed, feel the need to second guess
I caught the wave, but missed the craze
I filled the tank on an empty gage, and I haven't gone nowhere
It's the fact that I don't care anymore

When the night life let you down
When your feelings get profound
When you wake up on the floor and
You are thinking to yourself god damn I am still here honoring you

Contributed by Jackson W. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Meryem Yıldırım

Im third year year medical student and I learned some diffucult subject by watching your videos thank you for your efforts they are very helpful you are very talented but you should make more embriology videos because it is too diffucult to understand its progress😔 Im sorry my english is not good I couldnt express myself



Dilshad Ali

Bro don't worry app uncademy ki video dekh sakhteho usme aache se samjaya hai


This was exactly the kind of summary I needed from a vid. concise and well out-together with no rambling. Thank you!

Antonaii Ambrister


Arcan Kıvanç Çapçı

I have listened this lecture from 2 different professors but they failed to teach me because they are talking about something that they don't completely understand.You are different because you understand it first before you teach it.Thanks Armando you make life easier and less frightnening.


A savior for my embryology exam!! These videos explain everything that is needed to know in a really clear way


Thank you. You are awesome!
Please also make a video of the differences in OR (osteoarthritis) & RA ( rheumatoid arthritis)

John anthony Eraldo

just watched this, and this is literally what I need for my concept map of sex differentiation that needs to be submitted tomorrow! Thank Youuuu!

Ali Idris

Armando you're the best. Now i can study while im on the subway which saves me a lot of time. You are one of the best medical video lecturers out there. If i ever have to give a speech, I'm including your name

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