Gone Too Fast
Cord Lyrics

Burning down will give you great big dreams
But you won't ever, ever be the one that you've become
The one that stands all your wishes
If every now and then is all ok, then why do I still feel this way
Inside when I can only see the side of my dark secrets
Revealing to mass appeal

Cause I never knew which way to go
I was 16 and one my own
I believed everything I read
And I never heard from you again
Well I guess we were only friends
It was fun while we made it last
Cause these 6 years has gone too fast

Second place has never felt that good
Cause I can't stand to be withstood from all the lies
When all the lies are what the truth is bringing
Look at all the people messed up now
Cause they are praying way to loud
For what they never could believe, when they believed in nothing
Could I conceal to say

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Jeaney Collects

Matt seems to really like his royalty and copyright free music

Dawid ek

who asked?


thank you for making me read that twice becuase i really enjoyed how fucking hilarious the first time was







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Generic Name

"The problem of being faster than light is that you can only live in the darkness"

Iron Wraith

@Reggie The mouse ya can stop saying that, ya fool. I had a character arc.

Reggie The mouse

@Iron Wraith r/wooooosh


dang, this useless argument ya fools

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