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Uh oh he dropped another one, but this has all been pre-inspired
As we gather around our living rooms hoping this will soon retire
And now I'm feeling like a son of a bitch on Monday
Friday I'm just sitting on top of things
Sunday I'm just starting to loose my head
Cause I know I am going to do it again, but I never want to do it again
Hello to someday
Someday soon

Contributed by Jeremiah Y. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Jenny Cavalcante

Até que enfim encontrei aqui, pois muitas vezes escuto na rádio, e não sabia de quem curto muito!!!

benjamin dsouza

Reynaldo...thanks a million! This is one among my all time favourite songs, and in my opinion the best of MLTR.

benjamin dsouza

I was surprised to find that one of their best songs "The actor" wasn't among your videos. So I hope to see it soon!..


I like it


That's the only correct version!!!! Can you please share the strumming pattern. Many many thanks in advance


@Lucas Costa Many many Thanks.

Lucas Costa

I tried D-DU-UDUD and liked it... I hope you understand it, I'm just a beginner

Domz Sabado Calunsag Jr.

complicated heart.. i request! thank you!

cherry L-1485

Ganda sanang gitarahin kya lng hirap pa ako sa Bm😅

reynaldo bautista

benjamin dsouza requested this song.

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