Funky Days Are Back Again
Cornershop Lyrics

Well, it seems like the funky days, they're back again
Funky, funky days, they're back again
And we're in vogue again
Before the gurkers get called up again

Seems like the funky days, they're back again
And the party's got a double E at the end again
We'll be armed in dungareen cords again
Happy days are here again, my friend
Been a long journey, long, long times
Many roads we couldn't climb
But once again, the name of the game is funky
And it's funky again
Seems like the funky days are back again
Funky with a why and it's back again and back again

We'll be wearin' dungareen cords again
Walkin' down that road with a smile on our faces
We'll be walkin' naked, hand in hand, down that road
With a smile on our faces, holdin' only embraces
Embraces to hold us 'cause we're getting funky again
And we're funky again

Seems like those funky days are back again
My friends will be wearing dungareen cords
Walkin' down that road again
When we say party, we mean it to end on the double E

Funky roads are back again
Funky drinks are back again
Zip-zap guns are back again
Big shoes are back again
Tax in the post is back again
Worker strikes are back again

And we'll be, and we'll be doin' the airplane wheel, dancin'
Swingin' like an airplane wheel, dancin'
Dancin' like the airplane wheel, movin'
Funky days are back again, my friends
And funky days are back again

Ben, you just show them how funky it can get
When funky days are back in vogue again

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Comments from YouTube:

Cecile Brown

Wonderful song...


This is the best song.

Thomas Hildum

@Alfie Sellers happy days are here again my friend

Alfie Sellers

bring back the old times fowards again

Alfie Sellers

you've got it cherub

Dave Rosenberger

Well, it looks like the pickle jar is back again, until the gherkins get called back again...............

Clark Roth


Robert Broderick

Sorry, but this is so amateurish, sounds like it was written and sung by some 16 year old in his bedroom.