Norwegian Wood
Cornershop Lyrics

Mere(h) korlsi ek rani
Ja(h), shart me(h) kernar
Orde(h) korlai me(h)
Orne(h) orda kumera dukalis
He(h) nee eh huchae
Norwegian lukri

Orne(h) kyar rela(h) Tha(h) be(h)ja
Jitte(h) bi teri marji
Me(h) alle(h) dwalle(h) deklar
Kay(h) ohte(h) korsee nee si

Ma(h) duri te(h) be(h)gle
Sume sorcheke(h)
Ordi sharab pyike(h)
Use dar buhjeh tac galla kitia(h)
Fa(h) ome(h) kuy-ar
Sohn da suma horgiar

Orne(h) dusia ke swernu karnte(h), jandi he(h)
Tah hassna shooru karditha
Me(h) ornu dusia, me(h) nee-jarna
Tha bathe betch solhm cha-leg-lar

Jad me(h) jargian,
Me(h) kul-ar se
Eh chirey beergh gey
Fer(h) me(h) aag jug ay see
He(h) nee eh huchee
Norwegian lukri

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Comments from YouTube:

Mayhem Jack

I love how he always just stands there still while singing, without any movement. Some might say he's such a bland and lifeless singer - but to me it makes all the sense in the world. He doesn't need to move or dance around or make gestures - he literally can just stand there and sing and captivate the audience. God, I love this band.

Peter Gerstenzang

I think it might be Indian stoicism too


No need for poses, let the musi speak, agreed.


Any Portuguese ancestry? Brazilian? Pacheco.

Peter Gerstenzang

Ditto to everything.

Hank McCardy

first time I heard this, oh so many years ago, I thought it was an extremely political statement. To take a song by the most english of english bands, a band who had taken (borrowed if you'd rather) that instrumentation and then resold it back to the english as their own... like the Stones did with the take that back and then return it fully formed... wow... incredibly powerful...



Jackie Bailey

Just heard the 'When I Was Born for the Seventh Time' for the first time - pretty, pretty awesome. Love this track. XX

milan chandna

Amazing fusion of The Beatles, Punjabi and Indian Classical.
Thanks for giving this song to us.

Quinn Hensley

love this they did such. a good job.

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