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I`m coming from the age of space ,
visiting another race .
Here is the place of my birth ,
I`m at home , I`m back to earth !

(back to earth)
I`m coming from the age of space ,
visiting another race .

Here is the place of my birth ,
I`m at home , I`m back to earth !

(back to earth)

Overall Meaning

The lyrics to Cosmic Gate's song "Back to Earth" seem to be about a journey through space and the return of the narrator to their home planet, Earth. The first line, "I'm coming from the age of space" suggests that the narrator has been traveling through space and exploring other worlds. The second line, "visiting another race" implies that they have encountered extraterrestrial life forms on their travels.

However, the next two lines, "Here is the place of my birth, I'm at home, I'm back to Earth!" reveal that despite their travels, the narrator's true home is on Earth, and they feel a sense of belonging and comfort upon their return. The repetition of the phrase "back to Earth" emphasizes this theme of returning home after a journey.

Overall, the lyrics suggest a sense of wonder and adventure, mixed with the comfort and familiarity of home. It's a reflection on the human experience of exploration and discovery, and the importance of returning to one's roots.

Line by Line Meaning

I'm coming from the age of space
I am returning from a time of exploring deep space

visiting another race
I had the privilege of discovering and interacting with extraterrestrial beings

Here is the place of my birth
This is where I originate from, my true home

I'm at home, I'm back to earth!
After a long journey through space, I have finally returned to my planet and it feels like I belong once again

(back to earth)
Repeated line to emphasize the return and reconnection to home planet, Earth

I'm coming from the age of space
Reiteration of the earlier line to keep the theme of journey through space present

visiting another race
Restating the interaction with extraterrestrial beings to continue the space travel narrative

Here is the place of my birth
Once again, confirming the main subject's home planet

I'm at home, I'm back to earth!
Final reminder that the protagonist has returned and is now grounded

(back to earth)
Final repetition for closure of the song, reinforcing the return of the space traveler to planet Earth

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HumanOnTheCanyon _

This music bring me back to my childhood times. I remember when my parents has a lot of CDs with trance classics in car.


I wanna be a child of your parents 😉

Ödix Baranyai

I am same 😊


How old are u ?

Joseph Walker


Dafiul Anam


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Dirk Beukes

An EPIC track still pumping 20 years later.

Cosmic Gate = Absolute Legends.

Rick Janssen

To this day I still think this video clip was THE coolest of its era. I just love the spacey and haunting atmosphere this clip and song has, to me this is what made it truly 'Cosmic Gate'.

Jerry Heartlead

This song is a legend.


These Cosmic Gate Classics are truely timeless masterpieces. See ya in the next decade

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