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Exploration of space!
Exploration of space
Exploration of space
Exploration of space
Exploration of space

Overall Meaning

The lyrics of Cosmic Gate's song "Exploration of Space" primarily revolve around the idea of exploring unknown territories that lie beyond the boundaries of our planet. The repetition of the phrase "Exploration of space" puts emphasis on the significance of space exploration in human history. The song seems to celebrate the thrill and excitement of discovering new frontiers, while also acknowledging the risks and dangers associated with such an endeavor.

The lyrics can also be interpreted as a call to humanity to continue pushing the limits of technology and exploration, ultimately leading us to discover the mysteries of the universe. The music video of the song shows a group of astronauts venturing into space, emphasizing the sense of adventure and discovery in the lyrics. Overall, the lyrics of "Exploration of Space" celebrate the triumph of human curiosity over the confines of our earthly existence.

Line by Line Meaning

Exploration of space!
Embarking on a journey through the vast expanse of the cosmos!

Exploration of space
Venturing into the unknown realm beyond our planet Earth!

Exploration of space
Putting one foot beyond our planetary boundaries and witnessing the vastness of the universe!

Exploration of space
Expanding the horizon of our knowledge by traversing through the unexplored territories of the outer space!

Exploration of space
Embarking on an incredible mission of discovering the secrets that the infinite universe is hiding from us!

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Comments from YouTube:


2003 the Year it all started for me with Rally WRC <3 watching this all now makes it so nostalgic, the pure form of Motorsport :)

Fantastic Edit ! #KeepRacing4Life <3

szamanistic realistic

This seems so weirdly magical from nowadays perspective

Daniel DeeGee Musician

Loving the song. Those years had my favourite WRC cars in. :) good times


Fantastic video! Brilliantly edited with the music. Also, at 43 seconds is the most adorable smile I've ever seen!

Lukasz P

Nice compilation and great upbeat tune! Thumbs up for Rally + Great Music!


I absolutely LOOOOOVE this vid, somes up what the WRC is all about. My personal fav is wen the music goes quiet(ish) and all you hear is pacenotes going str8 into the citroen going into the tunnel & the lights turn on. God I could just keep watchin this over and over..... For all who are wondering, yes this is Exploration of Space by Cosmic Gate, but its a remix done by Green Court. Thanks heaps for puttin it up on ere. Legend.


These A8 vehicles, for me a great balance between technology and rawness, also on the view, specially pre 2007. Very good this clip.


big like ;) great song great clips great timing!

luis quiroz

excelente vídeo... uff esa hermosa melodía y la combinación con estos autos agresivos guuaaa ese arranque del auto en el minuto 1:08 espectacularrr..

Sergio Cassanelli

Epic video and fantastic track (better than original for me)

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