Falling Back
Cosmic Gate Lyrics

I believe that we can make it
I don't care what others say
They don't know the way we love, they're outside
If you can meet me in the middle
Maybe we can compromise a little
'Cause our love is worth it all,
It's bigger than the little things we fight
For you, I'll give up all the lives that don't lift us

We're falling back in love
Here we are again
Now you're singing my song
And I'm singing your song
We're falling back in love
And we're both movin'
To the beat that goes like this
I'm singing yeah
And oh
We're falling back in love

Now that we are here together
Let this moment last forever
As I look into your eyes, they're so bright
I promise I'll tell you all my secrets
Tell you my fears, and face my demons
'Cause honesty will bring in the light
For you, I'll give up all the lives that don't lift us

We're falling back in love
Here we are again
Now you're singing my song
And I'm singing your song
We're falling back in love
And we're both movin'
To the beat that goes like this
I'm singing yeah
And oh
We're falling back in love

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Most interesting comments from YouTube:


I was pretty discouraged last night. I checked to see if you put a video out about the gate. Sure enough he did. Thank you, I feel a lot better about it.

Still, maybe you can help me. With Invisible Woman, and rocket, I have no problems surviving. In fact as usual I rarely get damaged. But with Invisible Woman I simply could not beat Red Skull before the timer ran out. And the one time I did, with about 15 seconds to spare, I still somehow failed even though the fight was over. A bug I guess. Her TTK is simply not very high.

With rocket, I cant get my pets off the red skull so I find myself having to solo all the Sentinels. With him, I haven't gotten close to winning before the time runs out.

Any suggestions for these two characters?

I have all 69 except for slot 1 at 66.


I had to come back and post a report. I finally passed the Cosmic Trial. I had only 438 Omega points, only 21,200 Health, only one lvl 69 Unique, only one lvl 66 Unique, and only a lvl 70 legendary (Cosmic Rod, rank 5). 

I have been playing for 1.5 months. I did it on Silver Surfer, 16 tries, the last one was successful with 26 seconds left. All my artifacts have hela blessings.  

Tactics have a lot to do. I could automatically react to the AI of the bosses and minions. Once you have your tactics down pat, you can make up for a lack of thousands of omegas and a lack of 30K health, and, of course, a lack of all lvl 69 uniques.  
I used a blend of movement and EMF on Silver. I abused invul/medkit core as much as I could. Used dash on everything except bosses and used EMF on the bosses. Saved my ultimate for the last 50 seconds on Red Skull.  
Oh... yes, from what I hear, Silver Surfer's movement dmg serves very well for this trial.

Ace Strife

16 attempts over the course of 2 and a half weeks.

#6: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/261593580303989796/283044D9095FDAB0FB426FC7AFDC0BB465005AB9/
#10: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/261593580305635959/D19D394A64298762B6236BAE5A611B1FFBF85AB2/
#14: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/259342345059623175/AC2AED97655C7DCD1A86324CA30B2A858F797438/ - Ragequit
#16: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/259342345060243084/7B055EF54EB7A5C5CF9FD9BFB9EE99EC813BC7C8/

No pet, 63 class uniques, maxed 70 warlock legendary, 40 Atlantis relics, mixed blessings (Odin), Crossbones/Flag/Demonblood/Sinister artifacts. 33k EHP, 4.8k mental damage rating, 43% crit, 230% CHD, 26% brutal, 439% BHD, Every consumable buff I had. 1850 omega points, compared to 700 on my first attempt.

Seems omega points really do matter, a lot.

Cosmic patrols are much, much easier than this stupid gate.

I never want to do it again.

Ace Strife

I hadn't seen your other videos for heroes specific builds, in fact I didn't even know you had them. I've only watched this and the blessing one so far. Was going to watch the artifact and other 'general' guides next, but I looked for it and found that you've made video guides for like EVERYTHING in the game.. that's absolutely amazing! So helpful to people.

I tried the raid dummy 'TTK' thing and ran out of spirit after about a minute. I did like 9% health damage.. so that was pretty pathetic. Generally I don't have issues with spirit in normal gameplay (I use mark of the odinborn artfiact for spirit regen), but for long boss fights it becomes a problem.

I just finished watching your Scarlet Witch specific video and it gave me some more insight to improve my gear (mainly affixes). I'm in full 63 uniques, mental Uru (no runeword yet), full Loki blessings, Madame Hydra medallion, Wisp insignia with crit/brutal rating, mental Bloodstone ring. My other artifacts are the worst of my gear (Xerogen Crystal, Kree Hyper-Optics, Super Soldier-Serum; do have a flag of skrull.. but it rolled 3%). I have +damage rating stacked and my sheet reads 3,600 (mental is 4.9k), though my crit is only 23% with 1.8K damage and brutal is 26% with 3.6k damage. Based on more things I've seen, it looks like I should stop focusing on pure damage rating and convert most of it into crit/brutal rating/damage and +stats (mainly fighting), due to diminishing returns.

I am using the Chaos skill build, don't really like the disruption dark hex management.

My omega points are in assault rifles right now, I only have about 700.

I'm sure I'll improve a bit more as I play (haven't completed story, still don't have a legendary), but right now it's going to be pretty slow progression..

FWIW, Scarlet Witch was my first free hero from open beta. I quit at level 13 and came back to the game last week. Was interesting to find out that she was actually one of the best heroes in the game at one point. I thought she was awful back then. :P

All comments from YouTube:

Suzy Ueda

You have the best MH's guides, thank you! Subscribed!

Wilfrid Wong

@Suzy Ueda Thank you for the sub. Have a great day!

Teo Wes

I only have 600 Omega points, and I was able to pass the cosmic trial using the tips for the guide. I really appreciate your help. Thanks a ton!!

Wilfrid Wong

Great to hear that. Have fun farming cosmic patrols 😊

Brekner Catalin

I beat the trial with melee BW with 2 mins left. She's so cool :D

Wilfrid Wong

+Brekner Catalin Great to hear that and congrats :)

Jeff McKeeby

Fantastic video!! Quite helpful with alot of information thank you for doing this.

Wilfrid Wong

You must welcome and thanks for watching.

junwen wee

Thanks for this video, tried using Rocket, didn't die at all but didnt kill Mdm Hydra in time, will build Scarlet Witch for Health and try again!


Great tips about crowd control option! Love your video.

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