Fire Wire
Cosmic Gate Lyrics

"Fire Wire"
ist alles!!!
aber klingt gut!!!

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Comments from YouTube:


This is EPIC!


That's what I said, this song is epic!


Can’t wait for their follow ups “30pin”, “lightning cable”, “thunderbolt”, and “USB-C”.

MaxiMal 98

PCI-E 4.0 is gonna be next


Nah man, HDMI is where it's at now.

Ricky Beckford

Type c bruhh

Jonathan Paulin

THUNDER BOLT!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeffrey James

Best part is when the dude says "Firewire" lol :P

Sam Mullett

loved this back in the day, trance period of the early 00's


Good tune to play LOUD when stuck in a traffic jam!

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