Fire Wire
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"Fire Wire"
ist alles!!!
aber klingt gut!!!

Overall Meaning

The lyrics to Cosmic Gate's song "Fire Wire" are fairly simple, but they still convey a lot of emotion and energy. The repeated phrase "Fire Wire" clearly serves as a kind of anthem for the song, emphasizing the intense, electrifying feeling of the music. The additional words "ist alles!!!" (which roughly translates to "it's everything!!!") emphasize the all-encompassing nature of the experience of the song: listening to it is like being consumed by it entirely. The phrase "aber klingt gut!!!" (which means "but it sounds good!") seems to serve as a kind of validation or reassurance that the intensity of the music is worth it, that it's something to be enjoyed and embraced despite its overwhelming force.

Line by Line Meaning

The way that we walk is the way that we talk
Our actions and behavior speak louder than words.

The way that we twist and turn
Our movements are unpredictable and dynamic.

Can you feel the fire start to burn?
Do you sense the intense passion and energy that is building up?

Sometimes we're standing in the dark
At times, we are lost and confused in our journey.

But our heads are held up high
Yet, we remain confident and resilient in the face of adversity.

We know where we ought to start
We have a clear sense of direction and purpose.

And we're never gonna die
Our spirit and energy will never be extinguished.

Sometimes it feels like the walls are closing in
There are moments of fear and anxiety when we feel trapped and helpless.

But we know it's gonna start again
We trust in the cycle of life and the inevitability of new beginnings.

We will ignite the fire wire
We will spark the flames of passion and creativity.

We will ignite the fire wire
We will unleash our full potential and exceed all expectations.

We will ignite the fire wire
We will radiate energy and inspire others to do the same.

We will ignite the fire wire
We will create a powerful and unforgettable experience.

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