Melt to the Ocean
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Melt to the ocean.
Melt to the ocean.
How fucking wonderful it is to watch a big ball of fire...melt to the ocean.
Melt to the ocean.
Melt to the ocean

Overall Meaning

The lyrics of Cosmic Gate's "Melt to the Ocean" reflect the feeling of surrendering oneself and merging with something greater than oneself. The repetition of the phrase "melt to the ocean" serves as a metaphor for letting go of one's individual identity and becoming one with the vastness of nature. The first two lines create an almost hypnotic effect and repetition of the phrase emphasizes the message of the song even further. The third line is an exclamation that expresses the wonder and awe that comes with watching a big ball of fire like the sun slowly disappear into the ocean, a symbol of how insignificant we are in the face of nature's power.

Overall, the lyrics suggest a desire to let go of individuality and become a part of the greater whole. This idea is reflected throughout the song's melody and instrumentation, which create an expansive and atmospheric sound. The lyrics are simple but effective in conveying this message, and the way that they are repeated and emphasized throughout the song makes it feel like a meditation or a chant.

Line by Line Meaning

Melt to the ocean.
Submerge in the vast and endless water body of the ocean, letting go of all physical form and existence.

Melt to the ocean.
Surrender to the powerful force of nature that is the ocean, becoming one with it in a state of ultimate peace and tranquility.

How fucking wonderful it is to watch a big ball of fire...melt to the ocean.
Expressing pure amazement and awe at the incredible sight of the sun setting over the ocean, as if witnessing a natural phenomenon that cannot be adequately described or appreciated.

Melt to the ocean.
Letting go of any sense of self and identity, allowing oneself to dissolve into the vastness of the ocean and become part of the greater whole.

Melt to the ocean
Embracing the transformative power of the ocean, letting it wash away all pain and suffering, leaving only a deep sense of peace and contentment.

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No te confundas pavo que el que ha subido este tema es el PUTO AMO

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180 bpm and more

Back in the day when songs were 8+ minutes long, had a mathematically perfect buildup where every things got added every four bars, the world really was so much more amazing. It's just sad that nobody realized that in that time and took all for granted. And now we are stuck in 2020... :/


there's a difference between tracks produced to be mixed, versus a cut version for the radio. I prefer the full "mixable" version myself as well.


Que ladras pavo que tas hablando ahí to chungo y no se te entiende ni papá pillas
Vamos vamos!

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