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Do you not cross the border line
Between good and evil
You got to find your own state of mind
You're reaching out for another world
A place where dreams come true
A place to create, a mental atmosphere

Overall Meaning

The lyrics of Cosmic Gate's Mental Atmosphere invite listeners to explore the boundaries of their own consciousness and to find their own state of mind. The song warns against crossing the border between good and evil, implying that the journey to self-discovery is not without risks. However, it encourages listeners to reach out for another world, one where they can live out their dreams and create a mental atmosphere that is uniquely their own.

The song is both introspective and uplifting, with a driving beat that propels the listener forward. The repetitive melody and powerful vocals lend the lyrics an almost mesmerizing quality, encouraging listeners to lose themselves in the music and explore the depths of their own minds. It's a song that speaks to the power of the imagination and the limitless boundaries of our own inner worlds.

Line by Line Meaning

Do you not cross the border line
Are you not willing to push your limits?

Between good and evil
To explore the unknown, the unimagined.

You got to find your own state of mind
It requires individual courage and creative thinking to succeed in life.

You're reaching out for another world
A world outside the usual, a world boundless by human imagination.

A place where dreams come true
An ideal world of untapped opportunities and mysterious possibilities.

A place to create, a mental atmosphere
A state of mind that inspires creativity and innovation in various fields.

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Comments from YouTube:


I missed the Old Cosmic Gate!!! They're mixing too soft today...


they went full EDM


I was 15,, Dancing with the drug X On this track in the clubs of Belguim,, The lights, dancers, Queens the love. It was Amazing!!! Memories :)

Ronny Wouters

@Kookbop Lol, Atmoz Vosselaar woopwoop. Heel Brabant en de Kempen zat daar.


Boccaccio, Karrewiel, La Rocca, Dockside, Lazzurra, Atmoz! I was there too 20 years ago. Very good times! Greetings from the Netherlands!

Pip Koal

This song gives me flash back chills


this is the song that introduce me to this music 10 years ago! GREAT MEMORIES!!!!!! goosebumps!!!


Erinnerungen werden wach!! Einfach ein geiler Track


Love this mix!


Goosebumps! Love it, gotta agree best song and so much energy!

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