Son of the Dragon
Countess Lyrics

Prince of many faces, born beyond the forests
Both medieval warlord, and renaissance prince
Master of cruel tactics, and ruler of justice
Heir of great warriors, sworn the Dragon Oath

Hail, impaler! Son of the Dragon
Hail, impaler! Prince of Walachia
Hail, impaler! Lord of the stake
Hail, impaler! Son of the Dragon
Ascending his throne, avenging his father's murder
Dealings with the devil, impaling his enemies
After Constantinople's fall, sole protector of Europe
20.000 Turks on stakes, 'the forest of the impaled'


After a life of blood and glory
The reaper finally came for Vlad
Defeated not on the battlefield
A traitor's knife in his back

Death did not defeat him, vampire lord supreme
His blood lived on, in Erzsébet's veins
His soul still lives on, his memory we hail
Eternal hero of the west, example to us all


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