Countless Skies Lyrics

Still is the day that marries the shade
As eternal night descends

Long is the eve that holds no reprieve
From a torment without end

Beneath a starlit sky, a faint and doleful sigh
No wind to carry it beyond this empty realm
The light was all but gone when sang this mournful song
But not a soul in sight could hear this verse of overwhelming grief

Still is the night that holds no respite
As the hours turn to years

Long is the day undying and grey
Where the sun has disappeared

"In each of these eyes
Lay the answer
But time left them blind
So now I wander"

In the absence of light
Where time has lost its place
A labyrinth of broken dreams
A token of her grace

As the fallen leaves
Return to paint the path
Her final resting place
Will shimmer with the stars

Contributed by Savannah Y. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

The Budds

It's pretty aweeesooomme


Beautiful song ^^

John Kurtz

Great sound

Andrea Morisano


Hesamedin Heshmati



I like heavy metal but not that excited with Growl until I heard these guys.
At almost 60 years old I though that I would be listening to classical music like my old man but the older I get the more I want head banging heavy metal !!!

Николай Демьянин

it's more Insomnium instead of Be'lakor+Omnium Gatherum on the EP


When did insomnium change names?

Xav Lamela

Lol it sounds SO MUCH like Insomnium it's like they are not even trying !

Btw this sounds good !

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