Moped Boy
Cousin Oliver Lyrics

Jimmy's never been too popular
Just a funny little kid who likes bubble gum
The weekends are Jimmy's favorite times
Cause he don't see all the mean kids in the lunch line

On Saturday morning
Jimmy jumps on his moped
Spends the day alone
At his favorite fishing hole
There he goes...
Moped boy

Jimmy's sister
She's real popular
Got a beautiful friend
Her name is Veronica

She comes over on Sundays
Hangs out by the pool
Where they sunbathe

Jimmy hides from behind the corner
Stands real still as he adores her
Oh Veronica would you be mine
Let's go for a ride

Moped boy
Moped boy
Moped boy
Moped boy

There he goes
There he goes
There he goes
There he goes
There he goes
There he goes
There he goes
There he goes now look out

She grabs a stick of bubble gum
Says where the hell you think you're going
Can I go fishing with you
If you got room for two

Moped boy

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