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World War
Craap Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'World War' by these artists:

A.O.G WW III, WW III, WW III, don't you bloody see?…
Autre Ne Veut (Verse) Wanna be the one that you be Take a timeout and…
Combat 84 There's flames in the city And theres fire in the town Wor…
Icon Yeah! You better get ready and hold on tight There's tro…
Krayzie Bone [Krayzie] This is combat - I don't think these niggaz really…
Quietdrive The path to hell is paved with good intent A lifetime…
The Cure Dressed in Berlin black I was only playing Disguise my words…
Tim Myers Mr. Spotlight spoke on a Monday, morning. Shooting off his …
Uncle Answers Aye man, it′s the cult, 2020 It's one love man Aye, yeah Th…

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0800 There′s a window out there Number seventeen There's a wind o…

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Comments from YouTube:

Mercedes M

This is great - thanks for sharing it!

Himachali Girl 777

Thank you sir 🌹


I watched this at school and my teacher said the second A also stands for Accuracy, is this accurate


The A's seem tough to decide

Dane Custance

Handy thanks.


What happened to ACCURACY?

Andrew Swihart

Did he just say the Civil War was in 1960?

a s.n

you do realize that your point on "currency" is not applicable, given I used you're referring to the american civil war, which took place in 1861-1865, which is one hundred years off from 1960. The cell phone however (though before it's time of creation) was only ten years off...

a s.n

yes! of course, my point was less on relevancy on more on topic of choice (or it's currency). I felt possibly using another war (if that's the topic of choice) from that era would solidify the example even more. I do understand the point you are making, however I can imagine many ideologies and histories of the civil war may be lost in not writing it for a hundred years. Obviously the study on cell phones would be less credible, but I felt given the example: not by a long shot!

Tyler Rablin

Alex Sharma With currency, you have to be careful and think about how quickly things change. In 100 years, not much has changed about our understanding of the Civil War, which means that the article would still have reliable information. However, in ten years cell phones and the technology around them are completely different, so the information would be wildly inaccurate. I see your point that 100 years is a long time, but in terms of reliability, the article about the Civil War from 1960 would be far more accurate than an article about phones from the 1960s. Does that make sense?

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