Doggone Lonely
Craig Cardiff Lyrics

she kept the key inside her door
always between me and the stranger
and when we were away, she could be the lone ranger
then through the lyndon trees she'd come to me

she'd beaten all her friends
and spent no time resting
with more room to move, less things to prove
a dog's life must be the best thing
my forever friend
always around the bend

what made it hard is that I was so far away
even though I knew you'd have to go someday
but I gave you love and I'm thankful
for the time, we didn't waste it
but now I'm twice as lonely for home
you've made me doggone lonely
for home

if you were to learn how to stay out of a farm's harm's way
ten years would get it right
and I wonder what the thunder said to you that night
was it the storm? was the lightening too bright?

and I pray only that she'll never be lonely
between the trees at the edge of the field
where she lies waiting
that part's the same
but I don't need to call her name

what makes it hard is that my heart longs to see you in the morning
and it longs for the same at the end of the day
but I gave you love and I'm thankful for your sleeping days
but now I'm twice as lonely for home
you've made me doggone lonely
for home

I'm so doggone lonely
for home

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The Jayleno Fly

Yes, I've been inactive, no more! The outro is good. Enjoy!

Rob APt

100% better


I have been loving the interviews with Robin Williams...Thank you so very much!


I go, through I’ll

Christopher Lundgren



Oh, thanks @The Jayleno Fly. Even if I don´t understand English as I would like to, this is pure joy. I bid you adieu.

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Sean Marholm

Craig always had the most dynamic and comfortable conversations. Made it feel like just two friends catching up.

Benny Lloyd-Willner

One of very very few who can keep up with Richard Ayoade in an interview 👌

S Wilson

So true. The conversations are so natural and unforced.

Owais Malek

Hopkins is one of the best actors alive

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