Craig Cardiff Lyrics

most of it was written by the time the van stopped
on the land by the ocean where the plane had dropped
i tried to talk about it now because i couldn't say it then

the truth of it is no one has left for days
and likely wouldn't for days still
say it more to explain than excuse

why doesn't nurse just go and the nurse just leave
i don't even know if she believes him
watches what's been going on

so we hear you say i will say
all the things that you want to say
instead of saying all the things you're supposed to say, say

the tourists came, they hadn't been in a while
and not having been there wasn't much to say and they left with a smile
and you said send them all home

the tourists and i had a cigarette
they says ah now i'm full of regrets
i wonder if that service out of only visiting

maybe tourists always tour around
looking for something that will not be found
in the process of touring

so i am and why do i do
all the things that i do
instead of doing the things that i want to do

and the truth of it is no one has slept for days
and it's said more to explain than excuse
it is half hard to learn half hour to lose

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