Craig Cardiff Lyrics

One month down; two more months in
I can’t wait to see you again
I’m going to hold you so tight
Until your heart’s unbroken

Some of us got lost; some got found
Mortgaged, car’d, kids, on the edge of town
Tell me what happened to the fireworks and
Promises spoken?
All my friends are someplace else
I’m out here by myself
Leave the porchlight on and
Your heart wide open

I went for a walk where I grew up slow
Hoping to see a face I’d know
I walked for hours
And didn’t meet a soul

I’m tired of other people’s bathrooms
And other people’s beds
Some of us stayed; most of us fled
From this life
It can leave you a little bent and broken

I threw myself out into the world
And the world she received me
And landed me safe in
Safe into the nest of you

All my friends are someplace else
I’m out here by myself
Leave the porchlight on and your heart wide open


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Comments from YouTube:

Eoin Hayes

Not Since Colin Hay's Waiting for my real life to begin has a song struck such a chord with me I am now that guy all my friend has either moved away or gotten married and that bond we have has become alittle unstuck  and I m left behind lost wondering where the years have gone.  has the song goes I'm here stuck here by myself So Whether your from he hills Los Angles or Terrace B.C or a small town in Ireland we are or know someone that this song could be

Eoin Hayes

@Craig Cardiff - Music hee hee hee Brilliant

Craig Cardiff - Music

Eoin Hayes Two years? That’s like two whole country albums

Eoin Hayes

@Craig Cardiff - Music Wow Cant believe it's 2 yrs since i wrote that.....Sure there's a Country Song it there Somewhere hee hee.

Craig Cardiff - Music

Colin Hay's absolutely the best! i'm a big fan of his! - cc

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