Smallest Wingless
Craig Cardiff Lyrics

Dear son, we've been waiting for you
Thrilled beside ourselves that you've arrived
White coats came in, heads held low
Talked for a bit, shuffled outside

We closed the curtains
And held each other
And cried
We said hello
At the same time
That we said goodbye

And smallest and wingless
Leaving as soon as you'd arrived
But sadness is just love wasted
With no little heart to place it inside

We closed the curtains
And held each other
And cried
We said hello
At the same time
That we said goodbye

We closed the curtains
Held on to one another
And cried
We said hello
At the same time
That we said goodbye

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Comments from YouTube:

Tim Trethan

I listen to this song and can't help but cry... My partner and I said hello at the same time as saying goodbye to our beautiful baby boy on Jan 19th 2015... everyday since has been filled with more heartache then the worst person on earth deserves to feel... Not a single day goes by where I don't think of the 'could haves'. Seeing a man fishing with his son. A family flying a kite at the beach. Or just simply, a family walking through the shops, holding hands and laughing at something silly that dad just did/said. 
As a dad of a 'forever baby' I get choked up still seeing these family's.

And to my boy, Ryker, (that is no doubt watching me type this)...
Mummy and Daddy miss you every single day. We love you so much more then you could possibly imagine... Not a day goes past where we wished you were here with us. I love you my boy.

Kristin Polizzi

Tim Trethan I lost my baby boy in February. I only got to hold my baby boy for 15 minutes. His last 15 minutes with us. He was alive for an hour and fifteen minutes. I miss him so much and find it so hard to see happy, healthy families with exactly what I should have right now. Why my baby boy?

C. L.

I'm so sorry to hear this... My condolences :*


When Craig plays this in concert, he tells that the inspiration for the story came from meeting someone whom he found out is a photographer of children who are still births. He speaks wonderingly of such a thing and the beauty of the photographer and the service she is giving the families who have a lasting memory of their little one/s. It is a beautiful song and indeed makes me tear up in compassion for those in this situation. Take good care.


very beautifull song! ty for sharing. Lost 2 babyboy's. A lot of strength for those who need it.

Jackie Parker

I just lost my baby a couple days ago. I listen to this everyday, im playing it at the memorial this week. RIP Baby Jaxson I love you, Mommy.

Peggy Goodman

Thank you so much for this beautiful song. I just lost my baby. I carried her for 18 teen weeks

Amber Thornton Bell

Our son, Micah, was born-still 8 years ago today. This song describes EVERYTHING about that day and for the past 8 years.

Jenny Whitmire

My son Hyrum was was born sleeping five years ago today. Thank you for posting this beautiful song.

Shirlene Lloyd

Our daughter Katriona was stillborn 3 years ago today (9-19-09) thank you for sharing such a beautiful song.

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