The Very Last Night of the End of the World
Craig Cardiff Lyrics

Verse 1
Big news burst over frequencies
Saying 'Peril! C'est Tout! C'est le fin'
Talking heads assessed best outcomes
In the end, all agreed things would end bad

Verse 2
She said 'I'm sick of your cleverness'
Spat, fence-sitter! But I'd lost the thread
She said 'I'm leaving you tonight, I mean it,
I'm leaving with Quebec. '

Verse 3
I'm leaving california
Detroit, halifax
I'm leaving all of you
So you can't leave me back

(On what we later learned was)
The Very Last Night of The End of The World
If this is all you get, how will it be spent?
Ashamed? Or Alone? Angry? Drunk?
Shouting blame, or mabe
(Or better spent)

Fearless, Joyous, Kissing,
Laughing, Dancing,
Holding onto hope as long as hope can be held onto.

Verse 4
It's your last little lie, your last cigarette
Your last sip of alcohol, a love song's pirouette
The You the song gets sung to
With imploring convincing hands
Singing 'Blue skies would be bluer if you'd just give this love a chance'

Verse 5
After leaving Quebec
She abandoned Berlin
Got out of Chicago when the air got thin

Verse 6
Fleeing Paris
Burning Sicily
The Lakes drank up Toronto
The Vampires drank Calgary.

Repeat chorus x2

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Jenna Carmichael

So Happy I found This Song

Craig Cardiff - Music

thanks Jenna - hope you are well - thanks for your ears / support! - cc

Alejandro Guasch Tur

in heaven

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