Craig Cardiff Lyrics

yester-year where we learned the fear
Rents the cheapest room in the house, dear
love called
and said she found a better room
to the year where we stayed awake
and talked about, how the earthquake
surely must be a sign
the sky would fall
wait, maybe love just
missed her train
wrong ticket, wrong platform, out in the rain
she'll be home
soon i bet
you know how love can get
you know how love gets
sadness started to hang around
and sit in the place where love used to sit
and where love filled your eyes, sadness just pulls you down
sadness smiles and says,
"I know im not her, im not love
but i'll stay and give you comfort and tell you
how right you are and how right you've always been"
wait, maybe love just
took ill
in fever rides a cough and pills
she'll be home as soon as the doctor says
we know how love gets
you know how love gets
hates loud, and she pays for all the drinks
and she glitters and tells you exactly what she thinks
even when you say,
"thanks, but i don't need to know"
and hates loud as she takes you home to bed
and shows you all the tricks, and leaves you more alone
and she tells you shes all you deserve
wait, maybe love
maybe love
Left a note
tucked, in the pillow in the pocket
of your coat
ohh, to remind us how the time went
and love was here
and love can come back again
and love was here
and she'll come back again.

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I would pay any dollar amount to see a 4 hour show featuring Craig Cardiff, Donovan Woods, and Dan Mangan.

Aditya Lad


Hans van der Werf

I Love this song pure poetry

Latent Image Studios

We think so too!

joan paula garcia

Please do a live stream on Reddit! This is so beautiful

Sunshine Coast Music

What a wonderful video and song.
Thanks so much for sharing!
I really enjoyed listening and watching it! :)
We're looking forward to you coming to the Sunshine Coast!

Alexander Pyper


Michael Alexander

Pure poetry.

Annalisa Taccardo

Sei poesia.

K Stroud

Saw Craig play in a park in stony plain alberta canada and he made a fan for life

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