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Assim Que Te Despes
by Cristina Branco

Assim que te despes
As próprias cortinas
Ficam boquiabertas
Sobre a luz do dia

Os teus olhos pedem
Mas boca exige
Que te inunde as pernas
Toda a luz do dia

Até o teu sexo
Que negro cintila
Mais e mais desperta
Para a luz do dia

E a noite percebe
Ao ver-te despido
O grande mistério
Que há na luz do dia

As soon as you undress
the blinds
stay open-mouthed
under the day light

your eyes ask
but mouth demands
that flood your legs
all of the day light

even your sex
that black shines
more and more awakes
for the day light

and the night understands,
by seeing you undressed
the great mistery
that exists in daylight

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