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Maria Lisboa
by Cristina Branco

É varina, usa chinela,
Tem movimentos de gata,
Na canastra , a caravela,
No coração, a fragata.

Em vez de corvos no xaile,
Gaivotas vêm pousar.
Quando o vento a leva ao baile,
Baila no baile com o mar.

É de conchas o vestido,
Tem algas na cabeleira,
E nas veias o latido
Do motor duma traineira.

Vende sonhos e maresia,
Tempestades apregoa.
Seu nome próprio: Maria,
Seu apelido: Lisboa.

She is a varina, and wears chinela
She moves like a cat
In the basket, the caravel
In her heart, the frigate

Instead of ravens on the shawl
sea-gulls came to lay down.
When the wind takes her to the ball
She dances at the ball with the see.

Her dress is made of shells
She has seaweed on her hair
And in her veins, (has) the bark
of the engine of a traineira.

She sells dreams and the smell of the sea
She announces storms
her first name: Maria
Her surname: Lisboa

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